Friday 19 October 2018

PROMOTION POSTER | The Fashion Institute Guild Present the 2018 Fashion Impact Awards

2018 Fashion Impact Awards

It was an honor to be part of this amazing night. To be able to participate and donate one of my original works and have it auctioned off was pretty amazing! This event was to raise money for aspiring Midwest Fashion Designers like myself...and the Fashion Impact Awards was a huge success. Congratulation to all the winner! 

Shout out to Melissa D., she looked stunning in her Frida Kahlo inspired look last night! 
Thank You, for giving life to one of my original designs in such a unique way. 

"Nebraska is fashionable and making a huge impact." -Melissa D.

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Quote of the night

Fashion Impact Awards: Photo Recap


This was the dress that was auction off. Two in one dress.
THANK YOU: Faron, Lynlee, and Daniel for sharing this night with me. 

Melissa D. in one of my original works from my Enchanted Dreams: Spring Collection

Fashion Impact Awards: Video Recap

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